Providing a platform to all nationalist individual and organizations working in the region

Sensitizing the common man in rest the country about the issues and challenges faces by fellow countrymen in NE

Starting the public discourse on economic and development agenda of north east followed by initiatives for capacity building and skill development.


The history of SEIL will be incomplete without the mention of Shri P.B Acharya (Current Governor of Nagaland & Assam) & Shri Dilip Paranjape who in the year 1963 visited the Northeastern states on a study tour during which they met various academicians, students and social workers of the region. Across the platform they sensed a lack of emotional connectedness as one nation and one people. The primary reason being the lack of knowledge on both sides regarding each others culture and habits and also the limited exposure of the youth of the region to other parts of the country and vice versa. It was during this journey of theirs that they encountered innumerable instances that made them feel that the bonds of solidarity and togetherness with the sisters and brothers of Northeast are yet to woven more strongly. The need was felt for a program that could support the exchange of thoughts between the youths of North East and the other states which will help instill the sense of unity amidst the many diversities.

Accordingly SEIL was given shape in 1965 and within a year of its formation a group of 80 students from across the various states of North East were welcomed to the city of Mumbai. They came for a month long study cum cultural exchange tour. The tour conducted visits to places of attraction and historical importance, discussions with students and faculty of local institutions of repute, every student was hosted by a local family and were treated with homely food and comfort. In the years after this several tours and cultural exchange programs were conducted by SEIL annually. Each year saw students from across the peripheral states of India visit the booming metros and students from the big cities travel to the peaceful and tranquil environment of India’s hinterlands.

During its journey it also gave shape to the Yuva Vikas Kendra in the year 2000 at Guwahati with a vision to skill and provide better opportunities to the youth of the region. The institute has awarded training on various subjects ranging from financial literacy, mechanical equipment handling, horticulture to stock market investing and many more. The institute conducts regular workshops and keynote lectures as part of its vision and mission.

SEIL has for the last 50 years relentlessly worked to fulfill the vision of its founding fathers and during these decades created milestones that remain as a benchmark for the future.

About Us

A humble effort

SEIL was founded in the year 1965 as an initiative of the then members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad under the presidency of Prin. Giriraj Kishore. Student Experience in Inter-State Living (SEIL) is a trust working with a humble aim of promoting the feeling of oneness among every student of India. The trust was initiated with an aim to promote the feeling of brotherhood between youths from Northeast India and the rest of the nation. In accordance with its aim the trust has since then conducted its annual study tour and cultural exchange program that touched the lives of over 1500 students. In its endeavor to forge the bonds on emotional connectedness amongst the youth SEIL underwent the mammoth task of accommodating every student in a local host family where they were treated not as a guest but a member of the family. This initiative helped the visiting students understand local culture and habits better and also helped the host to understand the diversity of cultures that existed in the other parts of the country. Since the inception of the program there has been over 3000 host families who have been touched by the program.

In addition to its continued approach towards national integration SEIL has also been working for skill development, financial literacy and education amongst the youth of North East India. The Yuva Vikas Kendra was started in 2000 with an aim to facilitate a platform for the enriching of energy of youth of North East India for the progress of the nation.

As SEIL celebrates its 50th anniversary this year we see before us 50 years of relentless efforts by selfless and dedicated women and men. People whose dedication helped SEIL in growing stronger with its objectives decade after decade.

From where it started, SEIL has travelled a memorable journey of 50 years conducting annual study tours, academic discussions on North East, festivals for cultural exchange and many more. The Diamond Jubilee year is an opportunity to relive those cherished memories and to firm the determination to continue the journey towards the same vision and mission but with lot more zeal and passion …

We are confident that experience makes one realize and realization leads to conviction; a firm conviction about the essential oneness of India. To us, therefore, unity and integrity is not a mere slogan. It is a commitment to be fulfilled; an experience to be enjoyed.

Objectives & Mission of SEIL

  • One Nation - One People - One Culture is the Credo of SEIL.

  • Emotional integration at the experiential level.

  • Firm conviction about the essential oneness of our nation.

  • To bridge the communication gap.

  • To highlight the similarities in the divergent life styles particularly of our border area people and people in other parts.

  • To create greater awareness about the remote areas and people over there.

  • To establish a cultural rapport and to provide opportunities to the youth of the country to experience the unity in its diversity.

SEIL Chairman

SEIL General Secretary

SEIL Treasurer

YVK Chairman

YVK Secretary

Shrihari Borikar

Team & People

Trust Executive Committee

Adv. Vijay Vaidya, Chairman

Shri Atul Kulkarni, Gen Secretary

Shri Ajit Pendse CA , Treasurer

Shri Sharadmani Marathe, Member

Shri Gitesh Samant, Member

Shri Mangesh Joshi, Member

Shri Shashikant Kulkarni, Member

Shri Ashish Bhave, Member

Prof. Rajkumar Bhatia, Member (Delhi)

Shri Shrihari Borikar Regional Coordinator NE (Guwahati)

Prof. Nagesh Thakur, National President ABVP

Shri Vinay Bidre, National General Secretary ABVP

Prof. Mandar Bhanushe, President ABVP (Mumbai)

Shri Ankit Ovhal, Secretary ABVP (Mumbai)

Shri Sunil Ambekar, All India Organising Secretary, ABVP


Dipok kr Borthakur, Chairman

Manoj Nikhra, Secretary

Smt. Neeru Basumalaty (Guwahati)

Bishwajit Goshwami (Guwahati)

Kusum Sarmah (Guwahati)

Dipak Ningambar (Imphal)

Prof. Agin Taboh (Itanagar)


SEIL Milestones

Launching of Golden Jubilee Year in Mumbai 2015

Launching by the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra Shri C Vidyasagar Rao and All India General Secretory of ABVP Shri Shrihari Borikar , others present at the occasion were Adv. Vijay Vaidya,Chairman SEIL, Shri Sunil Ambekar, ALL India Organizing Secretory ABVP and Ex SEIL Participants with host families in January 2015.

Formal establishment of SEIL Trust.
My Home is India project launched as an initiative of SEIL under which students from far off Northeast were hosted in local host families for their entire duration of study in schools and colleges of Bombay.
National Integration Conference in Guwahati.
SEIL Guwahati Centre opened.
A group of four tribal leaders from Meghalaya and Assam visited Mumbai on the invitation of SEIL.
Visit to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
'Adhyayan Yatra' students from other provinces of the country visited North-Eastern states.
OTS 89; On The Spot study tours in N.E. states by students from other states covering:
  • Drug menace in Manipur
  • Chakama refugee problem in Tripura
  • Infiltration in Assam and West Bengal
Silver Jubilee year of SEIL. Celebrations commenced with 'Utsav Purbanchal’ in rest of the country and culminated in 'National Youth Rally' at Guwahati.
'Perspective – 93' : 63 N. E. students visited different parts of the country.
“Vidyarthi Bhavan” :The office of the North East Vidyarthi Bhavan inaugurated on 9th July 2000 at Guwahati.
'Bharat Darshan Anubhav 2004'.
Yuva Vikas Kendra (YVK) starts functioning.
North East Youth Convention at Guwahati.
SEIL Golden Jubilee Year begins with a tour by 67 participants from North East visiting other parts of the country.

Yuva Vikas Kendra

SEIL in the year 2000 established a permanent infrastructure facility at Guwahati for the development of the youth by providing them the necessary training and guidance. The vision was to create a platform that helps in enabling them to participate in the economic and development agenda of the region and socio-cultural activities.

This rich, picturesque and strategic northeast region of India has a significant presence of dynamic youth population. The Northeast is enriched with abundant natural resources, cultural traditions and creative people. Hence, there is a dire need for channelizing the youth energy into constructive, nation building activities focusing mainly North East.

YVK is a centre for study, research, interaction, creativity, dynamism, communication, training and also a place where the dreams of development of the youth are better realized. It is a noble project of SEIL considering the urgent need for development of skilled manpower to take the nation ahead.

Objectives of Yuva Vikas Kendra

  • To promote leadership qualities among the students and youth of North East India through ongoing personality development and leadership training programs.
  • To provide internship opportunities to the talented youth in trade, industry, social work, welfare, art & culture all over India.
  • To impart holistic training for community development and entrepreneurship development within the communities through socio-economic engagement.

Activities of YVK:

Sl.No Activity No of Events Participants
1 Personality Development Program 15 549
2 Camps 9 790
3 Seminars 5 517
4 Competitions 12 405
5 Vocational Short Term Certificate Courses 12 512
6 Lecture Programs 73 4406
7 Workshops 11 614
8 Computer Courses 4 771
9 Career Guidance Programs 3 154
  Total 144 8716


  • 1970-1980
  • 1980-1990
  • SEIL Tour 1983-1984
  • 1990-2000
  • 2000-2010
  • 2010-2015
  • Golden Jubilee
  • Silver Jubilee
  • Purvotar Yatra
  • SEIL Tour 1966 Mumbai Parichay Shibir
  • YVK (Yuva Vikas Kendra)

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